Friday, April 8, 2016

Dinner menu for April 23rd & 24th

The dinner menu for April 23rd and 24th is below, and this month, I will prepare an entirely vegetarian meal for dinner guests. Both nights are now fully booked. If you would like to make a reservation for May 21st or 22nd, please email The Tiny Kitchen.

Sedona's Mariposa Organic Kale Salad, Tofu Skewers with Harissa Yogurt Dipping Sauce

Handmade Gnocchi in Porcini Mushroom Sauce, Zucchini Bacon and Granny's Copper Pennies

Raspberry Panna Cotta

Recap from March dinners:

Pickled Shrimp and Fava Smash on Rye Toast with White Gazpacho

Prosciutto-wrapped Atlantic halibut with Sage Butter Sauce, Crispy Curry Roasted Broccoflower and Lemon Zest Capellini

Strawberry Tartlets with Breton Shortbread Crust

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  1. The Tiny Kitchen looks has perfect kitchen tools and preparations.