Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Tiny Kitchen returns!

I am pleased to announce the return of The Tiny Kitchen next month and will host dinners for six guests on Sunday, December 4th, and Sunday, December 11th. There will also be a special New Year's Eve dinner for eight guests (location/menu forthcoming). 

The seven-course tasting menu is below. If you would like to reserve your seat for Sunday, December 4th, or Sunday, December 11th, please email trevormsparks@gmail.com with the names of the guests in your party. 

White Gazpacho
Chesapeake Bay Crab Tostada

Aloo Paratha
Braised Lamb Shank
Brussels Sprouts Smash

Seasonal Fruit Tarte Tatin
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Panna Cotta

For those dining on Sunday, December 11th, I will have the honor and privilege to share my kitchen and cook with my mother, Lorie Garver. Full payment of $75 per guest is kindly requested a week prior to your dinner (via Venmo/PayPal). An additional wine pairing is also available for $35 per guest. Dinners include complimentary Evian water, fresh artisan bread, and La Colombe coffee/tea.

I look forward to cooking for you.

-Chef Trev