Sunday, March 1, 2015

A good start to music in 2015.

A collection of the songs and music I have shared in a friend's music thread, La Musica de Campeones III, since the start of 2015 (unabridged from emails):

Monday, Jan. 5
Love that motto for 2015, Matt.  Good song, too.
Here is Milky Chance's Unknown Song feat. Paulina Esienberg.   Catchy and fun, and here are two more: Stolen Dance and Babe I'm Yours. Stolen Dance sounds familiar - perhaps previously shared? Nevertheless - not to be confused with Whilk & Misky. 

Wednesday, Jan. 7
Here is Australia by Conner Youngblood (for all you Bon Iver fans).  
Can we JUST get another Bon Iver album? 

Thursday, Jan. 22
Yo, that Mamacita bumps. So gangsta. Thanks Sarah!
Speaking of gangstas, Lil Weezy dropped a new album. 
Haven't listened to it yet - any good songs?
Also, am in an Usher kinda mindset lately:

Saturday, Jan. 24
Countdown til his new album drops.

Monday, Jan. 26
I'm pretty sure Theophilus London has been shared, but not sure if anything from his newest album, VIBES (released Oct. 27, 2014).  Here is a superb song: "Can't Stop feat. Kanye West
He'll be in DC Feb 15 at U Street Music Hall.

Thursday, Jan. 29
This song is soo damnnn smooooth:  "Things Are Changing" by Gary Clark, Jr.

Thursday, Jan. 29
Some of that brand new shit (for your dance parties, Tina Nigro):
Meek Mill - B Boy ft. Big Sean and ASAP Ferg

Tuesday, Feb. 3
Rihanna and Kanye went straight country on "FourFiveSeconds" (with licks by Sir Paul McCartney):

Tuesday, Feb. 3
Yo yo yo, that new Chris Brown and Tyga in "AYO" (with special guest appearance and a fellow Hoosier, MR. MIKE EPPS):

Wednesday, Feb. 4
For those having Alt-J withdrawals, here is Alt-J's front-man (guitarist and vocalist) Joe Newman on Portico's new song, "101."
Basically sounds like an Alt-J song, but of course, you can take it or leave it.

Thursday, Feb. 5
"All Day" by Yeezy

Friday, Feb. 6
Alright, enough Yeezy until he releases his Adidas...
Here's a little different sounding track to my typ shares:

Saturday, Feb. 7
Happy Saturday. 
I'm adding a second friend, Ms. Kat, to La Musica de Campeones III.
Her very brief background: 
Kat resides in BK but has roots in the 303. 
She's wise beyond her ears, I mean years.
And her eclectic taste in music is bar none. 
Please join me in giving Kat and her future music shares with the group a warm welcome.
Kat - thanks for that last song share, which will work well to set the stage for your entrance:
From the guys who brought you ILYSB, here is LANY's newest track, "Bad, Bad, Bad."

Monday, Feb. 9
Kendrick Lamar's new song, The Blacker The Berry: 
He won big for "i" last night.  way to go, K.

Tuesday, Feb. 10
Thanks, Matt.  It's all thanks to Twitter I stay on top of the new drops.
Another new one (big ups to Dags for turning me onto Passion Pit back in the day) - here is Madeon's new song "Pay No Mind ft. Passion Pit." And it's fucking lovely.  Their new album, Kindred, drops in April this year.  Definitely doing their 930 Club show again.

Wednesday, Feb. 18
Passion Pit have two new songs out (released Feb 16 and Feb 17):
Where the Sky Hangs:
Lifted Up (1985):

Friday, Feb. 20
This remix is blowing my mind:

Wednesday, Feb. 25
Damn these Matoma remixes are pulling my heart strings:

Wednesday, Feb. 25
Not a fan of the new Drake.  Seems disjointed, and to me, Drake raps too much through his nasal passage.  Drake should sing more and be a featured artist.  Like Akon, Chris Brown, et al.  I'll give it to him, though, he gets people singing his songs, cause they catchy, but I swear to God that fool is a zero on the Gangstr Scale.  Oh, he's Canadian?  Explains way too much IMO.
On that Drake tip, here is song from a rarely-shared-but-very-talented rap artist for you all this evening:
Love the new Big Sean, tho. Especially that Ye verse at the end.  

Wednesday, Feb. 25
Also - leading RapGenius contributor had this to say about "Only" in his review of Nicki Minaj's Pink Project album:
"Only is a disgusting romp that sounds like the ultimate break up party smash, with Drake and Wayne explaining their various carnal thoughts about Nicki and what they'd do to her when she is no longer spoken for." via via
Love that analysis.

Wednesday, Feb. 25
TGIF, Kat.  Birds of a feather.
After geekin out for over an hour and pouring over rap lyrics on to Kanye's "All Day," and a splattering of other songs, I came across this beautiful gem to get your Friday night tipped in the right direction:
ROC BOYS - Jay Z featuring a voice cameo from Kanye, which as you'll hear comes through as "we in the house," and is a saying derived from the notion of lighter skinned slaves being allowed in the house. A lyric from ALL DAY reminded me of this fact.
Typical Friday.  Party.

Sunday, Mar. 1
So many good songs discovered from the weekend (in no specific order):
I Luv U by demo taped - from Soundcloud's summary: "Effervescent electronic soul enhanced by soft vocals to emulate the feeling of love"
White Iverson by Post Malone - what seems like effortless music with a hypnotic hook
Home feat. Dev Hynes / Blood Orange by Heems - witty lyrics with deconstructed beats
Big League Chew by Action Bronson - those rhymes are unstoppable, not to mention that late 90s rap rhythm (like a mellow P Diddy beat)
Lisa Sawyer by Leon Bridges - the swoon, Leon, giving ole Frank a run for his money (different genres, but still)
Pressure by Milk and Bone - reminds me of a silkier, sultrier, slower Feist