Monday, August 31, 2015

Spring music: 2015

Here's a collection of songs, artists and albums I have shared to a friend's music share email thread, which are unabridged excerpts from my emails and in follow-up to an earlier post from March, 1, 2015:

August 28
Okay, I finally had to pull away from the new Weeknd album, but hot damn is that some good shitttt.  
Thankfully, there's another great album from half of the Black Keys.  Dan Auerbach's band, The Arc, just released "Yours, Dreamily," and it's very, very good so far (and different enough from the Black Keys stuff that he could really take this in a good direction): 

August 25
The Weeknd - Beauty Behind the Madness (full album)

August 21
I see your Drake and Flo, and I raise you The Weeknd + Lana Del Rey:

August 18
That's some great recon, Matt.  Nice work, and thanks for sharing.  He's got a great voice.
Speaking of great voices, as I've shared before, I've been getting a lot of new music into my daily listening, and I've been so very impressed with this song by Meg Mac: Roll Up Your Sleeves.  Man, her voice is just so pure and joyful. 

August 13
New Nathaniel Rateliff album just up now on NPR's First Listen:
Best song, IMO, is S.O.B.
Sold out show in DC come November at RnR Hotel (tix on resale for $100!!). BOOOO. 

August 12
Nice! Love the YG for sure.
Any Youth Lagoon fans out there?  He's putting out a new album soon, and he's also coming to 9:30 Club on Nov 1. Here's a good song from that forthcoming album:
A few others I've been enjoying recently:

August 4
Yo Sarah - that DJ Ayes Cold is smooth AF.
Some dope new tracks I've discovered on this weekly Spotify playlist (30 great songs, updated with a new set of 30 every Monday morning):
The Knocks - Dancing With Myself (AMAAAAAAAAAZING SONG)

July 22
Dope track, Matt.  Thanks for sharing.

Here's a newer track by an artist I wasn't familiar with, but will guaranteed put some pep in yo step: Years & Years - Shine

July 9
There's a new Ratatat album out, Magnifique, and NPR did a First Listen:
prettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttty damn good.

June 26
This Summer's Gonna Hurt Like a Mother F**ker by Maroon 5

June 25
The Game - "100 (Feat. Drake)"

June 22
After an incredibly long wait, Leon Bridges is releasing his album tomorrow (coming to DC at 930 Club in October, too!):

June 18
Miguel put six songs (some new, some previously released) from his new album, WILDHEART (June 29) up on Spotify:

June 17
Raury is back with a new song: Devil's Whisper

June 3
Epicfresh new album by Donnie Trumpet and Chance The Rapper:  SURF. Additional details and featured artists here:

May 27
how about the new single by The Weeknd "The Hills" oh my goodness no he dint:
he will be at Sweetlife. hopefully he plays that shiiiiiiiiiiit. 

May 27
Damn that Raury would be SICK to see live.  I'll be camping out in the 'Doah this weekend, but I know a few friends who are pumped to attend SweetLife on Sunday.
A$AP Rocky dropped his new album this week.  After a first listen, I am really enjoying “Wild for the Night.” 
A few other great singles out right now are “Hood Go Crazy” by Tech N9ne, and one of my favorite songs right now is “This Could Be Us” by Rae Sremmund

May 20
Song of the summer right here: Fetty Wap - Trap Queen

May 19
Been outta the game for minute, but back in it today with the new Shamir album drop:
Available on Spotify and elsewhere.  Great first listen and quite different. Been getting reviewed a lot lately (NY Mag, New Yorker, etc). 
LMK what you think.

May 4

April 30
FINALLY: one of my favorite singer/songwriters and a real crooner, Leon Bridges, has released another song (his fourth): River. It's the latest release from his debut album, Coming Home

April 29
really digging the new Alabama Shakes album, Sound & Color (on Spotify).  Title song:

April 15
Check the new Kanye before it's pulled:

April 8
The new Lord Huron album dropped:

April 2
Favorite song off that new Wale album gotta be The Bloom (AG3):
Anyone else been listening / have a favorite?  The Jerry Seinfeld narration is priceless.

April 1
That new Wale album dropped last night.  Two good songs:
Also, loads of Jerry Seinfield making jokes throughout the album.  Check out the whole album on Spotify.

March 31
SICK FUCKING BRACKET. pardon my french, but god damn.
I've been geeking out and the worst match up is Gorgeous vs. New Slaves.
Thanks, Chris.  You made my week.

March 27
happy birthday to one of our own, Cristina Nigro. you are straight marvelous, and i, for one, am excited to celebrate you today! 
those other six days of the week? well, the beautiful soul band Ephemerals already took care of summing them up:
Six Days a Week - Ephemerals

March 26

March 24
it's like being in the room when Quentin Tarantino queues the music and yells "ACTION!"

March 23
I'm completely blown away by Gilligan Moss - Hemlock.  Something a little different that should get your feet tapping and heads bobbing.  Enjoy.

March 18
That Little Daylight is dope, James.  Kudos brother.
Here is a beautiful Kendrick song that was, unfortunately, not included on the new album:  Untitled.
And a new artist to toss in the mix ... was tipped off from my cousin in NYC after seeing him open for Kindness (the duo is coming to U Street Music Hall tomorrow night).  This is likely Pell's top track: Eleven:11 but others are good.  Check him out.

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