Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Living on $100 for 10 days: DAY #2

It is too late (currently 10:26pm) for me to write a lengthy blog about Day #2, and thankfully, it was a quiet and nearly uneventful day.  Have no fear, I will provide some of the highlights, and to be sure, I will share how I spent the first of my $100.  Nooooo!  Relax - it was inevitable.

I continued with my breakfast routine again this morning and had a big bowl of tasty Cheerios with milk and a cup of coffee - of course.  I am now eyeing that damn bag of Starbucks coffee because with each morning's percolator, it is also another day closer to dropping some of my loot.  Alas, the day is coming, and sooner than I probably realize.

I packed my lunch today, and I was so much happier since the pizza for lunch yesterday left me craving for more and starving at dinner time.  I made my famous homemade roast beef and swiss sandwich with iceberg lettuce and mustard on rye bread. I also packed carrots, chips and a half of an orange--peeled and sliced, of course.  It's the only way to eat an orange at work--leave the mess and the random quirts of juice for your kitchen!

Shortly after lunch, I had a pleasant surprise delivered to my office, which I brought How did I get a piece of art delivered to my office, and for less than $100?  Oh, let me tell you!

A few months ago, my wonderfully creative and artistic mother participated in a long weekend art retreat with a group of other artists where they learned the styles and techniques from the very accomplished artist Flora Bowley (check out the video on her website - it captures her style and some of her techniques and is amaaaazing).  After the participants spent painted a large canvas using Flora's style and guidance, they lined up their canvases and each of the participants picked one that was not theirs.

According to my mom, she ended up with one of the best from the retreat, and after she brought it home and had time to talk with her husband about whether they were going to hang it in one of their homes, they decided against it.  So shortly after, she asked me if I would like it for my apartment, and after all I knew about her time at the retreat, the artist she worked with during this class, and all the talk about how she got the best one, I immediately said yes for the chance to have it for my own.  And now, I'd like to consider myself the incredibly lucky owner of a very new piece of art for my apartment:

Happy Hour
Well, Happy Hour did not actually happen during the happy hours, but I still had an evening event at 7pm, so I scarfed down some quick food I had in my refrigerator (I am definitely making a nice dinner soon - enough leftovers!) and headed there after hanging my painting while eating my leftovers and being completely captivated by what is now on my wall.

Now, as you'll recall, I said I spent the first of my $100 today, and that is a fact because I needed to take the Metro to my meeting (I serve on this Steering Committee for a huge annual DC alumni event for 1500 alum each year called University Row).  Once I reached the nearest Metro station to board the train, I immediately realized my SmartTrip card balance was too low for the trip, so I was forced to add $5 to me $3.15 balance in order to get round trip covered.

Instead of coming home after my meeting at 9pm, I tried to make a little progress on my painting to not neglect it, and since I am at a point where I am painting small one inch squares in the blanks strips between the shapes, it was much easier to move it to my kitchen table.  Here's the small progress I made tonight to prepare the blank tracks for some paint, and the last time I did this, I didn't use tape, so taping them should make it go much faster:

Alas, I am exhausted, and we have our annual conference for the next two full days at work, so although there will be loads of free meals (yay!), they will also be two very long days ahead. 

Speaking of long days, I now have $95 and eight full days left!  Stay tuned for Day #3's recap tomorrow!

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