Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Dandified Commitment.

If there is one thing I promise to all of my readers (coming to you as a writer, blogger, or even as your friend) is that I will always check my writing and try my best to eliminate the typos. As we all know, this little pie-chart speaks volumes:

Recently, there was an interesting op-ed about the importance and impact typos can have in writing and beyond. It was interesting to then envision other situations where the seemingly unimportant flick of the key, or "fat-fingering," can change the entire meaning of a phrase or sentence. I am sure you can only imagine the possibilities. Yikes . . .

P.S. The language barrier in Thailand is incredibly cumbersome, but with a little practice with my cousin in Chiang Rai these next few days, I might be able to remove the verbal typos.

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